Vidushi Aparajita

BJTC certified
MA Broadcast Journalism - City, University of London, UK
BA(H) Journalism - LSR, Delhi University, India



I am a pro-active, resilient and fast learner skilled in self-shooting, conducting interviews and editing TV and Radio news packages efficiently under pressure. 

Well acquainted with Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition and Avid NewsCutter. Experienced in broadcast writing and developing SEO optimised digital content through analysing trends.

I am passionate about investigating untold stories that connect with the audience. Good at multitasking with an eye for detail and an understanding of what makes an engaging story. 

Former Intern at the foundation of Former President of India. Curated
content for the social media handles of the Former President Mr Pranab Mukherjee including Twitter and Facebook.

I have also worked with Times of India as an editorial intern and with
NDTV as a production intern. 

Documentary - Impact of Covid-19 on the New Organ Donation Law in England

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